Friday, October 1, 2010

Neural Networks

Neural Networks

In terms of achieving advanced AI, neural networks have a critical role to play, both on their own and in combination with digital computers into a seamless computing system.

Despite the fact that our brains are neural networks, that we have had a theoretical framework for understanding neural computation since the 1940s, and we have been building simple neural networks since at least the late 1980s, the collective computation and associative memory that powers neural networks are still not well understood by many.

Introduction to Neural Networks
Definition of collective computation, associative memory, and identification of the correct electronic analogue for a biological neuron

Your Brain as Neural Network
The human brain is a magnificent - and magnificently complex - engine of collective computation.

Critique of the Idea of Gradual Replacement of Biological Neurons with Artificial Neurons
How realistic is the idea that one or millions of artificial neurons could be implanted into someone's brain, hook themselves up, and communicate successfully with biological neurons? Would this actually lead to a "more intelligent" brain anyway?

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