Saturday, March 15, 2008

MindX Classics

These are some interesting threads from Kurzweil's Mind Exchange forum. The views of the participants are theirs alone. Some of these are included for their entertainment value.

Kurzweil's MindX Forum

The Race for Real-time Photorealism 3/14/2010 PB

The Brain's Dark Energy 3/13/2010 PB

Will SAI be Autonomous? 2/10/2010

Resolving the Conscious Identities Paradox 12/24/2009 PB

Evidence of the 'Knee of the Curve' 8/26/2009

Are you crazy? 8/26/2009

A "Complex" Theory of Consciousness 8/19/2009 PB

Science Fiction's Robotics Laws Need Reality Check 8/19/2009 PB

Black Hole Computers 8/7/2009 PB

Implications of Understanding Actual Quantum Computer Capabilities 7/5/2009 PB

The Singularity is an ill conceived concept 7/4/2009

"ORNL prepares for a 20-petaflops computer in 2011" - that's 2x the human brain. 7/2/2009 (Including analysis of computer power to simulate human brain based on rat sim)

This one is for PB. 7/1/2009 (Including the Forbes AI Report)

/:setAI is gonna bust a nut over this 6/29/2009 (Including what quantum computers will and will not be able to do)

the "conscious identities paradox" 6/25/2009

What's the meaning of death? 6/24/2009

Grassoline: Biofuels Beyond Corn 6/22/2009 PB

What Skepticism Reveals about Science 6/20/2009 PB

I hate the human race. 6/19/2009

The Origin of Life 6/18/2009 PB

to idiots who say stupid shit like resurrection/immortality will lead to overpopulation 6/17/2009

Greed and Evil 5/22/2009

Are of what AI will bring? 5/1/2009

Genius: The Modern View 5/1/2009 PB

Genes Show Limited Value in Predicting Diseases 4/15/2009 PB

Googling the Brain on a Chip 4/14/2009 (Including discussion of Matt Bamberger site)

the gene of god 4/13/2009

Intelligent Design 3/30/2009

Reading Trends: What r ur predictions? 3/22/2009

Out of Our Heads: Why You Are Not Your Brain, and Other Lessons from the Biology of Consciousness 3/5/2009 PB

Sorry Bad news... (Including analysis of Prospects for Robots taking over the Workplace) 3/2/2009

Problem with the "exponential growth of knowledge" 3/1/2009

will money be history after sai (Including detailed analysis of nanobot cost models) 2/10/2009

Analysis of the Singularity (Including discussion of robots as likely path to AI) 2/8/2009 PB

Animal Intelligence and the Evolution of the Human Mind 1/26/2009 PB

Machine Consciousness 1/18/2009

The Age of Spiritual Machines Rediscovered 1/13/2009 PB

A Critical Analysis of Quantum Archaeology 1/11/2009 PB

Programmed Reality: The Singularity Cometh? Or Not? 1/11/2009

NASA Should Stop Investing in Manned Space Flight 9/6/2008 (Including detailed discussion of technological benefits of continuing manned space flight)

Freud's Psychological Components - From an Organ Grinder 7/20/2008 PB

First Detailed Map of the Human Cortex 7/8/2008 PB

Subsidies and the China Price 7/7/2008 PB

Some Thoughts on How Video Copyrights are being applied at Youtube and Other Video Sharing Sites 7/6/2008 PB

The Perfect Woman 6/21/2008

IEEE Spectrum analyzes the Singularity, both pro and con 6/4/2008

Which of these is the truer description of chess-playing software? 6/1/2008

The PURPOSE of the Singularity? (with Tina Turner) 5/24/2008

The Singularity dream is over. 5/23/2008

The Singularity is Near 5/22/2008

Robot Marriage (with the search for the perfect robot song) 5/15/2008

US guiltiness (with Salt n Pepa) 5/14/2008

The Pale Blue Dot (incl Yellowstone eruption discussion and resources) 5/12/2008

Estonian farmers face flatulence tax on cattle 5/9/2008

Emotion 5/6/2008 PB

What will be the nature of SAI sense of humor? 5/3/2008 PB

Saving the Earth with an Umbrella (with Rhianna) 4/29/2008

Paradoxes in Mathematics (incl Lost in Space links) 4/27/2008

Despite Climate Worry, Europe Turns to Coal 4/22/2008 PB

Cool robot turtle 4/22/2008

Will thw Vatican relocate their Headquaters to the USA? 4/19/2008

Is It Possible That We Are In A Simulation? 4/17/2008

10 Ideas that are changing the world... 4/16/2008 PB

Links to Sensoniq's most intelligent threads 4/13/2008

The Violent SAI 4/5/2008 PB

Matrix-style virtual worlds 'a few years away' 4/5/2008 PB

Visions of the future, 2057 4/5/2008

Hyperprecise Sensory Awareness of the Artificial Mind 4/5/2008 PB

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope 4/2/2008 PB

The Limits of Quantum Computers - for Extrasense 3/29/2008

whoo need a nicer forum? 3/29/2008

Closest in time R.K prediction? 3/26/2008

Saturn's Moon Titan May Have Life

Parallel Universe/Many Worlds links... 3/24/2008 PB

Star and Planet formation links... 3/24/2008 PB

X-ray Astronomy links... 3/23/2008

GLAST - The Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope... 3/23/2008

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) links... 3/23/2008

COBE and/or Microwave Background links... 3/23/2008

Alternative Cosmology links... 3/23/2008

Comet Science links... 3/23/2008

about BLACK HOLES and modern cosmology 3/22/2008

falsification is a myth: science jumps from gestalt to gestalt through a shift of aesthetic attraction and/or belief 3/19/2008

Walking with Cavemen Youtube links... 3/17/2008

Our Ever Changing Earth 3/15/2008 PB

water on Mars 3/13/2008

AI Sex Bots 3/12/2008

Fusion in the core of the earth? 3/9/2008

Plasma Fusion 3/8/2008


Resurrection@Home 3/8/2008

Harnessing the power of supernovas revisited 3/8/2008

Here is proof that SubtillioN is too stubborn for his own good 3/7/2008

"Hot" computing 3/6/2008

Worlds Top 10 most polluted cities 3/1/2008 PB

The End of Cosmology? 3/1/2008 PB

Hinduism, petroglyphs, Z-pinches and plasma cosmology: A convergence of evidence? 3/1/2008

Your Future with Robots 2/29/2008 PB

about orthodox and fringe 2/27/2008

Traffic Cameras: The totalitarian control of the roadways: America's first interaction with robots. 2/27/2008

Dinosaurs found on Titan! 2/17/2008

Looks like 2029 is "go" time 2/16/2008

Progress is slowing down 2/14/2008

A wikiful of Extropia's Quotes 2/13/2008

Kurzweil, the Romans and Bacteria 2/12/2008

Does chimp's DNA prove transhumanism's goal if to 'destroy' humans? 2/11/2008

Whose view of the future is more realistic, Kurzweil's or James Martin's 2/7/2008

Defense Dept ramping up for invasion of the Congo... 2/3/2008 PB (A playful response to Jake Witmer suggesting we should invade the Congo)

Is Capitalism Essential to a Positive Singularity? 1/29/2008 (Including Jake Witmer's plan to invade the Congo)

A New Mind-X 1/28/2008

Why Robots wont Rukle the World: Good Ednburgh Univ Paper 1/25/2008

Open Letter from MINDX to AGI-08 Conference 1/22/2008

Transsizable Televisions 1/09/2008

Ramona talk 1/3/2008

Predictions for 2008 12/31/2007

Anyone know Greg Bear? (incl a surprise visit from Greg Bear) 12/24/2007

Future software developer skillsets as ai gets more autonomous... 12/20/2007 PB

Bird Flu mutates to pigs (incl potential cost models for nanotech) 12/20/2007

The emotional, social, SAI 12/19/2007

How do we build systems that can dynamically and automatically re-configure 12/19/2007

If nanobots can scan the human brain, then.... 12/18/2007

PredictionBoy's droids are taking over!!! 12/17/2007

Get Well Soon Alex Trebek 12/14/2007

Alexander the Great's legacy 12/12/2007

Prediction Boy, check this out... 12/11/2007

Drexler's nanotechnology roadmap is here! 12/9/2007

Will soming technology divide the human race? 12/1/2007

Has Eldras left the building? 11/27/2007 PB

US Navy's robot carier Advances 11/27/2007

PB, your droids are here!... 11/26/2007

Teaching Company excerpt 3 - origins of slavery 11/21/2007 PB

Teaching Company excerpt 2 - struggle for survival in the chesapeake 11/21/2007 PB

Teaching Company excerpt 11/21/2007 PB

SAI W&D Managment system 11/17/2007

A story from the dream world... 11/11/2007 PB

should popele with IQ's over 190 be regarded as a different species 11/9/2007

Was Jesus an advanced AI? 11/5/2007

Gas Giant Planets As Stars? 11/4/2007

The Real Superhumans 11/4/2007

Explain this --- Mouse 11/3/2007

Eep! Creepy grey robot boy. 11/1/2007

Hypothetical: YOU can start SAI... 10/31/2007

friendly AI??? 10/30/2007

839 TFLOPS 10/26/2007

PredictionBoy's "droids" 10/25/2007

What happens immediately BEFORE the Singularity

Death 10/17/2007

What is the current state of AI? 10/16/2007

How does one enjoy benefits of Singularity? Part II 10/15/2007

Immortality tomorrow? 10/9/2007

Would SAI help us? 10/08/2007

Testing Teleporters - Who will volunteer to beam through one first? 10/5/2007

How does one enjoy benefits of Singularity? 9/28/2007

Ray should go away and come back with a skeptical analysis of where AI is heading. 9/26/2007

PredictionBoy's Blog 9/23/2007

Toward Replacement Parts for the Brain (MIT) 9/21/2007

The next 50 years will be the same as today. 8/19/2007

Singularity, Schimngularity. 8/17/2007

Why no alien singularity? 8/8/2007

SpinbitZ published -- FREE ebook 8/7/2007

Re: Foreword to The Intelligent Universe 2/2/2007

Re: Is AI Near a Takeoff Point? 3/28/2006


Re: Biocosm, The New Scientific Theory of Evolution 2/9/2006

Re: The Drexler-Smalley Debate on Molecular Assembly 12/01/2003

Re: Parallel universes, the Matrix, and superintelligence 6/27/2003

Re: The Matrix Loses Its Way: Review of 'Matrix Reloaded' 5/19/2003

Re: Human Body Version 2.0 2/17/2003

The Sorce Theory of Matter 1/19/2003

Re: A myopic perspective on AI 9/2/2002

Re: Essentials of General Intelligence: The direct path to AGI 8/23/2002

Re: Introduction: Are We Spiritual Machines? 7/7/2002

Re: A Computational Foundation for the Study of Cognition 6/11/2002

Re: Consciousness in Human and Robot Minds 6/7/2002

The Technological Singularity 1/21/2002

Re: Arthur C. Clarke Offers His Vision of the Future 12/03/2001

Re: What Is Artificial Intelligence? 11/3/2001

Re: The Age of Intelligent Machines: A (Kind Of) Turing Test 10/01/2001

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