Monday, February 18, 2008

Toward the Hyperreality Engine Pt 4: The Applications

With the hyper-reality engine, your imagination truly is the limit.

Now that we’ve discussed the basic technology, what can be done with this technology?
- Virtual time-travel
- Virtual space travel
- Virtual micro-environment travel
- Zero-impact exotic game hunting, including animals long extinct
- Fiction or non-fiction scenario simulation
- Role playing in scenarios taken from movies, TV shows, or books
o You can be spock in a specific episode of star trek, with ad-libbed or rigidly scripted lines
- Virtual exploration of pristine, past environments from any time or place

Very sophisticated software: from simply a text description, the hyper-reality engine (HRE) can construct a stunningly realistic world.

The HRE will leverage the future version of the Web in a new, yet recognizable way. Stitching together donated pictures to assemble an arbitrarily realistic person, place, and/or time.
Think Google Earth on steroids.

This is the ultimate technology to unlock the hidden value of the exponentially increasing stockpile of personally and professionally-generated digital content, both still pictures and movies.

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