Sunday, March 29, 2009

Analysis of Other Widespread Ideas About the Future

Why the Fear of Rogue or Dangerous Artificial Intelligence is Fundamentally Irrational
Examining the real reasons why many fear the prospect of advanced AI - the assumption, propagated by both science fiction writers and many futurists, that high intelligence necessarily converges on more-or-less the exact form in the human brain, a deeply misconceived notion.

What The Singularity Might Really Be Like
Examination of how a "steeply-sloped" technological event might actually play out.

The Prospects for the Computronium Universe
Challenging the idea of the "Intelligent Universe," where mankind or his descendant technologies digest the universe.

What Transhumanism Might Really Be Like
What form of hypothetical human enhancements will really make a difference?

The Prospects for Robots "Taking Over" the Workplace
Why any replacement of human laborers by advanced droids in the future will be piecemeal, demand-driven, and complementary to human intelligence and effort.

Prospects for a Post-Capitalist Economic System Replacing Capitalism
Exploring the question of whether future technologies will actually lead to a different economic system than the predominant one today, Capitalism.

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