Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Far Future

Exploring some highly non-intuitive ideas about the far future of humanity, the dark side of the future, and where all all the aliens, anyway?

What the Far Future Will Really Be Like
How demographic stabilization and the maturation of sustainability technologies will combine to keep most humans on Earth.

Invasive Biological vs. Synthetically Distinct Advanced Technology Platforms
The many reasons for suggesting that key future technologies will retain a primarily distinct nature from their human consumers.

The Dark Side of the Future for the Individual
Then as now, the trials and tribulations of most people will continue to come from within us, not from external agents.

So, Where Are All the Aliens?
An independent line of analysis that supports the Drake Equation in terms of concluding that advanced alien life (if any) is probably quite rare; hence, any nearby is almost certainly far more ancient. From there, we explore the question of Fermi's Paradox not from the human-centric perspective, but from the possible motivations of the aliens themselves.

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