Sunday, March 29, 2009

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology

The good news is that advanced AI technology will be amazingly useful, not at all malevolent, and quite knowable. The other side of the coin is that it will be among the most difficult technical feats ever achieved by mankind.

What Artificial Intelligence (AI) will really be like
Advanced AI, no matter how intelligent, will be purely rationally controlled - and hence, knowable, non-threatening, and eminently useful.

Sigmund Freud and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
(Including audio lectures explaining Freud's concepts of human intelligence)

Paths to Advanced AI - Engineered or Brute-Forced Brain Simulation?
Why engineered AI is the only viable approach to advanced AI

Where is All the AI, Anyway?
Before we get too excited about the coming of advanced AI, we must ask a serious question - where are even the simple forms in widespread use today?

An Empirically-Derived Conceptual Architecture for Artificially Intelligent Systems of Arbitrary Complexity

Exploration of the common attributes of any software deserving of the moniker "artificially intelligent"

How Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Learn
Advanced AI will depend as much on experience as raw intelligence in order to fulfill its design objectives well.

AI Rational Analogues for Human Emotions
There is great intelligence in human emotions, and unfortunately, great unpredictably as well. One of the keys to safe AI will be to translate human emotions into rational analogues that are far more consistent and predictable in their operation.

Advanced AI in Government
Many suboptimal decisions by political leaders are based upon the sheer vastness of the data and analysis pertaining thereto. How advanced AI could help.

Proposed Traffic Light Artificial Intelligence (AI) System as Part of a Comprehensive Strategy to Minimize Energy Use, Pollution, and Driver Time Wastage
Advanced AI will not be "one thing" - it will vary enormously, depending on the nature of the objectives for which it has been designed. This explores one possible application of a fairly simple AI application that could render tremendous value.

Microsoft Mapping Course to a Future In Line with "The Empirical Future" Blog
Microsoft's Laura is an interesting, early attempt at something like AI intended to interact with humans - and "her" process of observing her human interactants and deducing subtle cues regarding the character and attitude of these humans fits well with my ideas with regards to this technology.

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