Sunday, March 29, 2009

Advanced Robotics Technology

Forget C3-PO and R2-D2. Stunningly realistic droids of the future - both physically and psychologically - will be so compelling that we will consider them indispensable

Designing the "Smarter than Human" Droid
How might a product that is smarter than a human being in one or more ways evince that intelligence? What form factor would be optimal for most consumer applications? What useful "powers" might these droids possess?

Why Droids Will Converge on the Human Form Factor

For many segments of the droid market, the hyperrealisitically human form factor will make the most sense, for many reasons.

The Most Amazing Droid Super-Powers You've Never Heard Of
The droidian "super-powers" of hyper-observancy, super-subtlety, and ultra-coordination will provide amazing utility to humans, and consume potentially vast multiples of human intelligence (HI).

Extremely Precise Sensory Awareness of the Artificial Mind
Exploration of key ways in which advanced droids will retain their essentially computer-centric nature.

The Violent Droid
Certain areas of application may require a droid to be violent - such as, soldier and bodyguard. These will be approached in decidedly "non-Terminator" ways.

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